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    Since 1959

Customized Packaging Systems

The Blodgett Company has specialized in the design and manufacture of customized packaging systems since 1959.

Virtually every aspect of these systems are custom designed for the specific application and product. Whether you are handling nuts and bolts or nuts and fruit, Blodgett can design a system to precisely fit your needs.

Let our team apply its expertise and over forty years of experience in designing a system to meet and solve your unique weighing needs. Blodgett offers the very best in flexible, accurate weight control with a small company sense of pride.

40 Years of Dedicated Customer Support!


When you purchase a machine from The Blodgett Company you are buying a long-term relationship and commitment. Over our 40 years of experience we have learned that customer service is the key to a success.

Whether you need a new part, machine support our just have questions we are here to assist and support you!

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Our Machines

Virtually every aspect of these systems are custom designed for the specific application and product.


    VFFS Machines


    Pouch Machines


    Scale Systems


    Scale Systems


    Adapt bagger & scale to any application


The Blodgett OMNI 1 and OMNI 2 series VFFS machine is designed for years of dependable service while ensuring durability through a simple and rugged design. The machine is based on a self-centering pull belt design that provides for a smooth and consistent bag pull. Our OMNI 1 can make bags up to a 15-inch bag while the OMNI 2 is designed to take up a minimum of floor space. Our OMNI 3 Series machine uses a draw bar configuration for single or two up applications and our OMNI 4 series machines are designed for premade pouch filling applications. The OMNI series can be configured for either polyethylene or polypropylene films as well as most laminates, including metallic faced films. Bag makers can be supplied with either fin seal or lap seal forming collars.

  • Stepper Controlled Film Pull Belts
  • Servo Controlled Endseal Actuation
  • PLC Control System
  • Touchscreen Operator Interface
  • Automatic Program Setup
  • Self Aligning Seam Seal Bar
  • Powered Film Unwind
  • Straight Line Threading
  • Self Locking Roller
  • Quick Change Former Assembly
  • Stainless Steel Construction

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Pouch Bag Packaging Machine

  • Automatically opens
  • Holds for fill
  • Seals in place
  • Uses pre-made pouches
  • Small footprint
  • Simple to operate
  • Low operating and maintenance cost

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The Weight Miser II is an advanced linear scale system available for use with VFFS bag systems, premium product additives with combination weigher systems, cup conveyor systems and as a stand alone scale filler. With its patented differential weigh cell and electronic controls, the Weight Miser II reflects Blodgett's experience of over 40 years in the field of automated weighing. Weight control has never been simpler or more reliable than with the Weight Miser. The operator simply enters the desired weight, and the system automatically adjusts the feed rate for the maximum production. the Weight Miser II operates without the constant attention required by other systems.
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The Blodgett Weight Miser 4 is our microprocessor based combination weigher using the latest in mathematical calculations for high speed accurate weights. Product is metered into each of the upper weigh hoppers, and a snap shot of the weight is made of each bucket. Product is transferred to the lower pool hopper and the value of the weight is stored in the computer. The computer calculates the weight to closest weight and combines typically 3-4 weights from the pool hoppers to drop into the packaging system. This technique allows for high speed weighing, and typical fill accuracies of on weight to less than 1-gram product giveaway.
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We can adapt our bagger and scale systems to almost any application, including conveyors, volumetric fillers, augers, check weighers, metal detectors and combination weighers.
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Need Parts?

We stock all parts and inventory to keep you up and running.

Weigh Platform

The Blodgett Company optional weigh platform. Constructed of heavy duty 304 stainless steel 4" square tubing for solid weigher support.

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Infeed Bucket Elevators

The Blodgett Company available infeed bucket elevators. Features 304 Stainless Steel construction food grade buckets available in 1.5L or 4.0L bucket capacities.

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