The Blodgett OMNI 3 premade pouch machine is designed for years of dependable service while ensuring durability through a simple and rugged design. The OMNI 3 process starts with up to 300 empty pouches placed in the adjustable cassette. Bags are individually removed from the cassette with a unique combination of vacuum and pneumatic actuators. Multiple bags detection switches are used at various points within the cycle to ensure correct bag placement and full bag opening. Should a bag be rejected during the cycle it is ejected from the machine and the process continues. Rejected bags can be
inspected by the operator and reinserted into the process.


The transition chute doubles as a timing bucket allowing product to enter the transition tube while the bag is being opened below. Upon detection of an open bag under the chute the gate opens and product is dispensed without spillage and protecting the seal from contamination.

During the filling process, bags are held into place with our “posi-hold” gripper system. This allows for heavy weights and shock loads to be deposited without disturbing the bag position. Digitally controlled ribbed or flat faced constant heat sealing bars seal the bag giving it an integral attractive seal.