The Blodgett Company is an established specialty manufacturer with a proven record for quality and reliability.

1Stewart Blodgett built his first scale for Tobin Packing of Rochester, New York in 1958, while working for ACF Industries. This scale was fitted to a bacon slicing machine where it needed to provide accurate weights while being shaken by the machine’s eccentric blade. This vibration immunity lead to basic design and resulting patent. Shortly after the completion of the Tobin project, he purchased the patent and related proprietary work product from ACF and set up Blodgett Manufacturing in 1959 with the intention of marketing scales and controls to the packaging industry. He sought out a firm with packaging experience and partnered with the G.D. Mateer company of Wayne, Pennsylvania. Mateer’s primary product was augers and they planned to co-market Blodgett scales, with sights on expanding their market. As a result, one of their customers, Mira-Pak, Inc. of Houston, Texas was in need of an accurate scale and control system to be combined with their packaging machines. In 1963, Blodgett Manufacturing, moved to Houston and began building the world’s best linear weighing equipment and did so with Mira-Pak, for the next 15 years.


2In 1979, Stewart and his son Brad started Blodgett Services, with the intention of servicing the thousands of scales and controls built with Mira-Pak and to develop a new super-fast, vibration immune, and impact compensated scale. Within two years, the new scales hit the market and were sold to machine manufacturers and retrofitted to existing machinery. The machine conversions were so successful that customers often recouped their investment in the first year.
3In 1983, Blodgett began to market complete stand-alone weighing systems for interface with new machines, used machines and product filling applications for vertical and horizontal packaging.

In 1985 Stewart Blodgett retired from everyday business, leaving his son Brad to carry on the company name and reputation.

4In 1988 Blodgett introduced their first vertical, form, fill and seal packaging machine. It featured both auger and scale fillers, variable speed production with full control from a digital HMI and Atcom computer. It used a reciprocating jaw to produce bags up to 12” wide. This first machine remains in operation, after 28 years in the field.

5In 1999 Blodgett introduced the Omni series machines, which feature belt drive film advance, power film unwind, pneumatic or servo jaw control, high speed computer control, digital temperature control and ultra-reliable HMI display. These machines can form bags from 2” to 14” face width, up to 34” long, with available auger, scale or volumetric filling.

In 2014, The Blodgett Company was sold to Donald McShanog and William Jarrell, who had worked for over 20 years in the firm. Since the purchase of the company, they have introduced a line of pouch machines, infeed conveyors, bucket elevators, pack off conveyors and a line of multi head scales that outperform many of their competitors in accuracy and durability.

The Blodgett Company strives to continue the introduction of well designed, durable and reasonably prices packaging equipment with the best support in the market place. We look forward to hearing from you and helping meet your packaging goals.

The Blodgett Company specializes in the design and manufacture of customized packaging systems.

Virtually every aspect of these systems can be custom designed for the specific application and product. Whether you are handling nuts and bolts or nuts and fruit, Blodgett can design a system to precisely fit your needs.

Let our team apply its expertise and over forty years of experience in designing a system to meet and solve your unique weighing needs.

Blodgett offers the very best in flexible, accurate weight control with a small company sense of pride.

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