Weight Miser II Scales

weightmiser2The Weight Miser II is an advanced linear scale system available for use with VFFS bag systems, premium product additives with combination weigher systems, cup conveyor systems and as a stand alone scale filler. With its patented differential weigh cell and electronic controls, the Weight Miser II reflects Blodgett’s experience of over 40 years in the field of automated weighing. Weight control has never been simpler or more reliable than with the Weight Miser. The operator simply enters the desired weight, and the system automatically adjusts the feed rate for the maximum production. the Weight Miser II operates without the constant attention required by other systems.

The Weight Miser II control system is designed around a microprocessor computer, the control system constantly monitors and adjusts feed rates to match machine speed and adjusts the feed cutoff set points automatically to maintain optimum accuracy. In addition, the system checks each weighment for underweight, adding product if needed, and the auto-tare control performs a periodic empty bucket tare, to compensate for factors such as accumulation of product on the weight buckets. Reliability is built into the system, the heavy-duty weigh cell is capable of withstanding years of punishment, and the electronic control system is field proven. The Weight Miser II system typically reduces overfilling by 50 percent.


The Weigh Cell

The Weight Miser’s patented, ultra-stable load cell is the most advanced linear-scale system available for use with packaging machinery. The LVDT-based load cell contains a sophisticated damped dual-suspension system, which provides fast, effective mechanical compensation for vibrations and for product impact on the weight bucket. These patented features provide faster response and immunity to vibration, eliminating the false tripping, slow response, complex signal conditioning and other problems encountered with strain-gage load cells and many other linear weighers.

The Control

This system provides weight control that is far superior to that of any linear weigher. It is not uncommon for this scale to accurately fill small bags at a rate of 30 to 40 weighments per minute per scale, yielding 60 to 80 bags per minute for a two scale system. When compared to alternative systems, the Blodgett Weight Miser typically provides higher production rates and more consistent weights.

Customized Systems

The Blodgett Company specializes in the design and manufacture of customized weighing system. Virtually every one of these systems can be engineering for the specific application and product.

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