Weight Miser 4

The Blodgett Weight Miser IV is our computer controlled combination weigher using the latest in mathematical calculations for high speed accurate weights. Product is metered into each of the upper weigh hoppers, and a snap shot of the weight is made of each bucket. Product is transferred to the lower pool hopper and the value of the weight is stored in the computer. The computer calculates the on weight to closest weight and combines typically 3-4 weights from the pool hoppers to drop into the packaging system. This technique allows for high speed weighing, and typical fill accuracies of on weight to less than 1-gram product giveaway. Product with irregular piece weights work particularly well on this style of weighing as larger piece weights are combined with smaller piece weights to get as close to target weight with minimum giveaway. Statistical data of production rate, average weights, standard deviation, and total weight through weigher are all displayed on the 9.7” color touch screen that is easy for operators to learn how to run system with minimum training.

Several levels of password protection is incorporated to not allow operators to change setups, but supervisor and maintenance personnel can access higher level menus via password entry to setup new products, access maintenance screens etc. Weights are detected with very accurate strain gauge load cells. Each weigh hopper, feed tray, feed transitions, can all be lifted off with no tools for easy cleaning and maintenance. The weigh hopper, and pool hoppers are opened using long life reliable stepper motors for smooth quite operation, and can be programmed on products that tend to stick to buckets to vibrate the buckets to cause products to drop. All product contact area and machine frames are manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel for sanitary operation. The weigher electronics are housed in the main machine frame, and can be washed down with low pressure 20 psi water for ease of cleaning. Available options of timing hoppers, mixing versions to mix two or four different products into one drop. Customer infeeds are controlled with the standard load cell dispersion feeder, eliminating troublesome photo eyes that can become obstructed with dust or dirt.

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